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Vacation Rental Monthly Maintenance Program
Your vacation rental property is a huge investment, and like any investment, you want to protect it. Keeping your property well maintained ensures it generates the highest rents possible, keeps customers happy, provides a safe and comfortable environment for you and your customers, and helps your property hold its value.

A Monthly Maintenance Inspection by Hawaii’s Handyman Service Inc. Can: 

1.  Keep guests happy by completing needed repairs, monthly rather than when someone calls upset to complain. Better property maintenance will decrease money paid out in discounts because of dissatisfied customers due to maintenance issues. 

2.  Increase occupancy as guests return year after year because of  the positive experience with your well maintained vacation rental unit.

3.  Helps link broken or damaged items to specific customers due to the frequency of inspection.  Allowing you to recoup costs from the responsible parties.
4.  Provide you with peace of mind that someone on the island has a vested interest in keeping your property/investment in the best condition possible.  

What does the Monthly Maintenance Inspection look for?

During your Monthly Maintenance Check we go through each room of the property (including lanai/deck) and complete a visual and mechanical inspection of your property. We inspect each room in detail to determine everything is in proper working order. We submit our inspection report directly to you within 24hrs of inspection via fax or email, whichever you prefer. 

After the inspection process we notify you of anything that needs to be fixed and our rates for completing the task. Some things, such as electrical and plumbing, require an outside specialty licensed party to be contacted.  We help you through the process of finding the right person at the right time.
As a member of our Monthly Maintenance program we provide for free: 
1.Free light bulb replacement 
2.Free smoke alarm battery changes 
3.Up to 3 free 5 min adjustments or tightening of screws, fasteners or other items needing adjustment per inspection. (Material charges billed separately)

What does the Monthly Maintenance Inspection cost?

Condo Unit up to 3 bedrooms/ 3 baths: $50.00 per month, no set fees.

Homes/Cottages 1500 sq ft and under: $100.00 per month, no set up fees.

Homes 1501 sq ft- 2500 sq ft: $150.00, no set up fees.

Homes over 2500 sq ft: contact us for a customized quote.

5% discount for 1 year paid in full

Contact us  for a PDF copy of our Monthly Maintenance Checklist and more information about setting up your Monthly Maintenance Program.